Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sundance 2009...

Another amazing and exhausting year tearing it up at the Sundance Film Festival with Kathryn. it is truly an addiction at this point. The key elements of the 10 day whirlwind: Laughing, Waiting, Slipping, Stalking, Long dangerous walks in the pitch black of night, Frigid tempuratres,Eating whatever comes your way when it comes your way, Viewing, Voting, Praising, Mocking, NOT SLEEPING,Bad winter fashions, Puking, Being scared of other people puking, Fake nose-bleeds, loving and hating volunteers, Jo, Jory, Kayla, Christopher, Jenna, Seahorse socks, Shuttles, Shuttles that get hit by cars, & finally some Yogurt Pretzels & Wasabi Fried Peas. Chimay!!!

(i swear the next post will be about the films that i loved... and maybe some that I hated.)