Friday, October 31, 2008


It's that time again.
Yes, there is a party this year
Here are some snippets of years past to wet your appetite.

R.I.P. Panic Attack...

Well, I came home from San Francisco to find that ol' Panic Attack just couldn't handle his own nerves anymore. I'll miss ya, you freak. Oh Panics, this is a wild photo of you. Truth? I think you were swimming for a second when I put you in the toilet and flushed. If this is the case I hope you can forgive me. They're dropping like flies people.

Friday, October 24, 2008

If you're going to SF...

I am going to San Francisco tomorrow to get some culture and to visit Heather & Alix. I have already been warned about crack den living, doug the dog's hair, intense snoring, alter egos Sharon and Nikki, and all of the fun we are going to have. These are two of the hippest and funniest people I have encountered. Guarantee: 80% of our time together will consist of shopping. I can't wait.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks Rodarte...

So I have been consumed with fashion lately (no surprise) and I have been especially consumed with Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte. I was watching videos of their shows and just wanted to thank them for introducing me to two albums that I am listening to non-stop lately. So i know the video is over a year old as are the albums but it is all worth a look and listen. Warning: This is a nearly 10 minute long video of a fashion show. I have been mocked in the past for long clips. So only click play if you want to be dazzled by painstakingly beautiful clothes, gorgeous models and great music!!

So the two songs that I really love are the first and third. The first is To The East by Electrelane off of the album No Shouts, No Calls.

The third song is Have You Seen In Your Dreams by Miracle Fortress off of the album Five Roses.
I was laughing about the cover of Miracle Fortress' album. i mean no offense because the album is BRILLIANT! But your name is so new age and this sort of looks like a Disney Princess Tribute album. But seriously you should check both of these out. Also, if you are super hip and have one a them fancy iphones you should use that neat thing that tells what song your hearing and leave in the comments who all the other songs are by.

Oh and go check out all the insane photos and videos and beauty of Rodarte here.

My back is jacked...

I really jacked my back up the other day. It was wild at work and I moved like 1400 heavy things. Just another day at the office, really. Then I am home that night and I reach for something on my bed and to guote my friend Kevin, "it was like I had been shot!" I'm coping, popping meds, laying in weird positions, yoga, etc. But I only post this to say to all you back-achers... I feel your pain. I used to not sympathize with people who always said their back hurt. I get it!! It freakin' consumes your body and it is WILD. Done. I pray for the healing powers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

R.I.P. Cherry Darling...

Sad News. Recently my fish Cherry Darling gave up the ghost. She's dead man. Yes, she was named after this...

But I just wanted to take a minute and tell her what a great fish she was. Super chic and kind of flirty and no I didn't tell her my peoblems like on Diff'rent Strokes but she would have listened if I needed her to. In other news, Panic Attack (my other fish) is doing just fine. Still panicking every minute of the day. Look at those eyes...sheer terror.

But there is a new fish in town. Meet El Greco!!!

Yes, he is named after him...

El Greco does like to party late though and has a tiny drug problem. He says he's got everything under control. This is what it looks like when he leaves the club late at night with a new supermodel. The camera flashes go wild.

Bless Our Cabin...

Over the past few years I have made it a tradition to go up to my family's cabin around my birthday. This year was a great trip with great friends and there are just so many reasons I love "The Cabin." If my father ever reads this blog this is where he will read how thankful I am that I have had this great place to escape to my whole life. Thanks Dad. So here are some highlights this years trip and some of the specific reasons this place rules...

Yellowstone National Park is amazing and with Ranger Kevin as a tour guide you will learn that there is no known case of a healthy wolf attacking a human...whew!

My friend Ranger Kevin showing off his crocs and really working that bear sculpture as a prop.

This is what you eat the entire time at the cabin. You get to the point where if you don't have a treat in your mouth you think something is wrong.

Some of the curtains look like this.

You get matches from this little thing.... freaking adorable.

I am not sure when these got hung in this specific location but I love the old pitcher and what I like to call "the old man and the sea" mug. Where did that mug come from?

Great walks on trails like this. It is cool to go in late september because it rains quite a bit and the colors are great.

Looking out the kitchen window will tell you the temperature and you can watch birds and squirrels go wild for seeds and such on the deck.

The little cowgirl time out doll at Smith & Chandler is so creepy and a must see each year. I wonder why no one has bought it?

Other curtains look like this. Behind sofas that look like that.

Big Springs. It's gorgeous. Also, this year we saw the biggest trout I have ever seen there. The surrounding beauty and fresh mountain air will also convince your friends to let you take pictures of their faces encircled by leaves. Good or Bad idea... not quite sure yet.