Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks Rodarte...

So I have been consumed with fashion lately (no surprise) and I have been especially consumed with Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte. I was watching videos of their shows and just wanted to thank them for introducing me to two albums that I am listening to non-stop lately. So i know the video is over a year old as are the albums but it is all worth a look and listen. Warning: This is a nearly 10 minute long video of a fashion show. I have been mocked in the past for long clips. So only click play if you want to be dazzled by painstakingly beautiful clothes, gorgeous models and great music!!

So the two songs that I really love are the first and third. The first is To The East by Electrelane off of the album No Shouts, No Calls.

The third song is Have You Seen In Your Dreams by Miracle Fortress off of the album Five Roses.
I was laughing about the cover of Miracle Fortress' album. i mean no offense because the album is BRILLIANT! But your name is so new age and this sort of looks like a Disney Princess Tribute album. But seriously you should check both of these out. Also, if you are super hip and have one a them fancy iphones you should use that neat thing that tells what song your hearing and leave in the comments who all the other songs are by.

Oh and go check out all the insane photos and videos and beauty of Rodarte here.

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