Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chills on the Dancefloor...

The really great thing about knowing someone with great music taste who gets jury duty is that they start to post a lot of stuff to your facebook page. Apparently the selection process is very boring but I was the recipient of some visual gems. 2 minutes and 48 seconds into this video I bust. So simple and beautiful. Also, her shoes are too good.

The band Keith is genius. This video kills me. But as I watched it something occured to me. It had a unique pace and angle that seemed familiar and then I read that it was directed by China Moo-Young. Did a little research off of a hunch and she had directed a short I saw at Sundance that has stuck with me for years. Just a quick but emotional story about a rather cool single dad who is struggling with his daughter getting older. Here is the preview for Juvenile. I really hope she is working on a full length feature because I want more!