Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mad Men

So I wanted to wait until I had watched all of season one to tell you how obsessed I am with show MAD MEN.
Also, this is perfect timing if you think you want to start watching it because they are starting to replay it this Sunday.

Where do i begin?

Mad Men looks amazing. The clothes are killer. The 1960 setting is relevant and fascinating. The casting is genious. The script is sharp. The set design is a feast for the eyes especially the artwork. I want about six pair of glasses from wardrobe. Each episode reveals so much. Birdie, Don, Peggy, Joan, Sterling and everybody else. I wish we could all hang out together. I wish I had a boss that didn't wear shoes and gave me Ayn Rand books. Also, everyone smokes all the time and just watching it calms me down. It has quickly become one of my all time favorite shows.