Saturday, November 6, 2010

Watch for the little car!...

dirk and maren from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

Well this little film is just incredible. Granted, it is about my ridiculous crush on Maren and how that blossomed into being wed. Matt Walker (brother-in-law, friend, film-maker) whipped this up. I feel as though he is really creating something unique. Little silent documentaries. I like that it means a lot to me but I feel like it would be so great to watch if you knew nothing about me. When his other films pop up after you have feasted on this gem, watch "stuff we did" and "wait up!" for more amazement. If you wanted one of these for something going on in your life.... that can be arranged. Thanks Matt.

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The Powells said...

its really amazing....i mean really really amazing!!!