Monday, July 12, 2010

Michael Borremans...

So I was flipping through this book the other day and came upon some images that immediately made a strong impression on me and I had to know more.  The artist name is Michael Borremans. He is a film artist and painter. I find his work haunting, quiet, familiar but at the same time completely refreshing.
Automat 1, 2008

The Preservation, 2001

Four Fairies

The Marvel, 2001

I really liked this quote which hung at one of his exhibits in Cleveland. It gave me a small glimpse into why I tend to like Belgian design and art so much. Yes... of course he's from Belgium.
"Near the end of his life, Baudelaire--bored and besieged by creditors--made a disastrous trip to Brussels. In 1865, he wrote to a friend: "This highly detestable Belgium has already done me a great service. It's taught me to do without everything.... I've become sensible because of the impossibility of finding satisfaction." Similarly, Belgian artist Michael Borremans's determinedly dour drawings show how much artists may achieve without finding, or offering, fulfillment or resolution."

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