Friday, July 17, 2009

Generally i like it...

I really liked the Marni Mens Spring '10 Show/Lookbook. It all seemed accessible, fresh and easily wearable. Also, in a strange way the accessories seem right. I mean "do it." Carry a wallet/clutch with your suit. Or get a tote packed with gold hardware. I also kept thinking of Beaker when I looked at the model with that long face and stance. Fits right in, no?

I liked it so much that I said to myself, "I don't remember Spring '09 being that great." But I am an idiot! Spring '09 was real real good. I dig the stick up on the side of the hair. Might try it. Also, the first model here gives me a stitch of comfort because him and i might have the whitest legs out there. Pale Pale Buddies.


Petchaurus said...

Boo you whore. I had to comment on this because there needs to be some force and threat in your life to stop you from the extreme splashes of insanity that have hit your July 17th 2009 post.
#1- the sticking the sides of your hair up is Wolverine's schtick and even then, they have cooled it down in this last movie. FAD over.
#2- that trench coat was left over wardrobe from the triplets of belleville women. It was a scene that was cut where all three women climb into one trench. (It was a very wise cut on the editing deparments end)
#3- this no socked dress shoe look is grody, mody, in my toty. Not wearing socks (or the evil appearance of) should be banned and written into the rest of the communist rules and policies this country's politicians are making up right now. It might be something I would even wear t-shirts and apply bumper stickers for.
#4- If i ever see you, my dear friend, carrying a clutch I will turn around, exiting the way i came in and find the nearest hobo to make out with in hopes of coming in contact with a deadly tooth fungus that will put me to my death.
I know you miss my reviews ole chum, ole roomy. I am dead serious about these. I know you probably think that I don't know jack about fashion (and probably a lot of other things), but Satan had his hand in this inspiration and Satan is, like this hot SUMMER JULY 19th day. Sure you may say satan is cool and if this is what they are wearing then that is where you want to be. don't be fooled my friends, I know how much you love your autumn...there is no autumn or spring....IN HELL!!!

KK said...

umm ok I love wearing no socks with my dress shoes, but whatever! I liked the marni collection as well and I say do what makes you happy!!