Monday, March 9, 2009


So my sister and i got wild and are going to Belgium. I don't even know what to expect except amazement and inspiration at every turn. I have so many Belgians that I follow, adore and admire but I chose to put this little photo of Rene Magritte (one of my very favorite artists). I can't believe a month has slipped by without me posting anything. Here is to travel! If for nothing else it will make good blogging material. Oh, and dear Dries and Ann, your fall 2009 shows in Paris were amazing yesterday. I am coming to see your stores in Antwerp. Do you need someone to run errands for you? I would work for scraps. Love, Dirk.


Maren Marie said...

ceci n'est pas la jalousie

Goog & Winnie said...

Now post pictures. I want to see these 16th century buildings with red glass you speak of.