Friday, September 12, 2008


New York Fashion Week is almost over. I am a JUNKIE. I spend more time on the internet during these times than the rest of the year. I will wait for more before I post all my favorites but I had to do a quick post on 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Um, this is cuter than all baby animals combined.

My bday is right around the corner and I if anybody as stumped... I WANT THESE FRAMES.

I know we saw the zipper detailing last season but I think this is shown in such a fresh way.

Amanda, you are killing me on the runway right now. First you in that Dries Van Noten dress at the FW08 show and now this? Keep it up.

All the accessories were amazing. These big stained glass necklaces. Phillip...too good.


The Powells said... favorite is the top pic, and your glasses of course!

katie kortman said...

um.. Dirk. loving the glasses in all these photos. I actually got some vintage glasses that look similar to the ones you like this summer in St.Louis! I miss you talking about all the fashion week goings on. please write me back on my blog and tell me where you are working etc (still anthro? or what?)