Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Roller Nite

So last night became a night of amazing rollerskating film magic. A group of us watched this gem which I just discovered whilst perusing Netflix. If you have any love for bad 70's movies, ridiculous dialogue, or disco music then you should check Roller Boogie out. Also, there is more hypnotically interesting fashion than you can shake a stick at. Um, Linda Blair? Really? From The Exorcist to this?

The viewing of this of course turned into highlights of Xanadu for a lucky virgin to the film. Her eyes had not yet been opened to the hot magic that is Xanadu. If you are reading this and saying to yourself, "I've never seen Xanadu" then you should call in sick or cancel your plans or do whatever you need to to get to watching ASAP.

Tempting photo, no?


The Powells said...

love on wheels, no question!! i have tears rolling down my face im laughing so hard!! whats with the guy in the short yellow shorts, he thinks he is HOT. and those girls in their swimsuits..even hotter! o how i love xanadu btw

Shantell said...

Haven't seen xanadu. I am afraid to admit that. Maybe we should have a movie night? I am still freaking out about that weird apple movie you brought over awhile ago.

Dirk said...

Oh Apple!! With actual, actual, actual vampires. How are we even friends shan and you haven't seen XANADU?