Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MMMovie time.

Go see this! Brilliant and hilarious and touching.

Rent this! Whoa, I really liked this movie.

Also, ran into this gem again late the other night on tv. This movie is so shockingly good it scares me a little.

Also, I apologize to those of you who look at this post and say to yourselves, "ugh, I don't have time to watch things!" Truly though, I love trailers. I hate missing them before movies I go see. I have always said that I wish there was a movie of trailers we could go see. Agree? how great would it be every few months to just go see all the trailers to the stuff coming out soon. OOH! I would love that.


sarah marie. said...

none of the videos worked. boo. i love trailers. and apparently so does my man because i opened my itunes to find downloaded trailers.

Dirk said...

Sarah, the vids work fine for me. Are we having a mac vs. non-mac issue? Sorry. I know you love trailers because you cool like that. Go look them up. Son of Rambow...Rocket Science...Half Nelson.

di said...

hi dirk. agreed. son of rambow was the best movie i've seen so far this year. i wish i could've seen it with you. did they not completely nail that 80's party? it was too perfect.

The Powells said...

dear dirk...i heard something a couple weeks ago and couldn't be happier!! aug 1st?? is that when i will see you again, dancing and singing perhaps and making lots of funny jokes?!?! hopefully

The Powells said...

so guess what time it is...time for a new post my friend!! ha ha...i wish i was at work today for your big return!! welcome back to the old anthro